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Learn Android Development

Welcome to the world of Incredible Andros. This is the tutorial for developers who want to Inovate, Design and Play with Android. You may think that what is it to play with Android. I'm telling from my knowledge, developing applications in Android is really like play. The more you play with Android, the more you can learn from it.

From this world, you can learn how to design and develop beautiful smooth apps. And we'll also help you to tackle complex functionalities for you. We'll provide the simple solutions for your ease of work.

Mostly this tutorial will cover difficult functionalities like smooth API calls, Image processing, Animations, Gestures, rich UI and new Interesting concepts.

Our goal is to make friendly Android Environment

Incredible Andros

What is an Android ?

  1. An Android is an open source multi user linux operating system. And it is written in Java.
  2. In this operating system each application is treated as each user. So Android application can have n number of applications as user.
  3. Each application has uniqueId which is created by Android system and unknown by other applications. (Like a secret key).This means our Applications are secure.
  4. The Android system will set all permissions for files in app and it is accessed by using uniqueId.
  5. Each Application process has its own virtual machine. So One application process is isolated from other application.
  6. And application process will start by Android when it need to be executed and it will be shutdown when there is no necessity.

The Android system follows the principle of Least privilege. So by default Each application has access to only the required components to do its work. This will create the secure system and the app cannot access the other parts for which it don't have permission.

So I hope now you understood what is an Android, how it processes and how it exists in the system.

Learn Android Development
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