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Basics of Android Development

In this emerging mobile era, many collegers and new tech bees are getting interests to develop Android app. But the problem is they don't know where to begin and what to study. And even many people asked me what to study and how to learn. So I'm going to tell the procedural approach and things to learn before getting in to app development.

Before we begin the app development we should know how Android system works. you can learn about the Android operating system from here

Here the topics and the necessary things you should learn,

Functional concepts

  1. Read the App fundamentals, then you will clearly understand the android app extension, how it processes and fundamental concepts, etc.,

  2. Android system built on the four basic concepts like Activity, Services, Broadcast receiver, Content provider. It is not neccessary that you should know all these concepts and all. If you are a beginner, you must know what is Activity and its call back functions, its must. you can learn about Activity and its functionality, call back functions from here.

  3. you should also know about Services, Broadcast receiver, content provider. Atleast you should learn the basic functionalities of those concepts.

Above mentioned are the basic concepts and functionalities you should know. After that you should read about UI elements and app resources.

Now its time to have a break. lets get in to practical mode. Just try the Hello world app from this training material. If you don't have eclipse to start refer here.

User Interface

  1. For UI part read about Linear Layout, Relative Layout, Frame layout, Listview, Gridview.

  2. Read the app resources. It will help you to know how to provide the resources like images, animation, layouts, screens for different screens, menu, etc.,

There are two sections in app resources are follows:

Most of you think that reading all these will be such a pain. Sorry for those people, definitely all these concepts are very interesting one. And when you read all these concepts you even forget the day night changes.


In Android, every application has root called AndroidManifest.xml. It is the head of your app. This manifest file will specify the details of the mobile resources you going to use inside your app (like Internet, GPS, Wifi, etc.,). If you didn't mention about the resource you going to use, then it will not work in your app. So you must read about AndroidManifest.

After reading all these. Now open your Hello world app and explore res folder. Also check AndroidManifest.xml.

your game begins. don't delay any moment lets game....!

Basics of Android Development
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